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HT-1010 Amino Acid Analyzer

  • Self-R&D,manufactured in China

  • Self-owned System control software

  • In compliance with GLP/21CFR, traceable data

  • All automatic operations, including dosing, separation, reaction, detection, cleaning, degassing, etc.

Flow Chart.png


  • In compliance with all current national and international standards.

  • Two modules for Na-system: Regular/High-Speed analysis for 18~25 hydrolysis amino acids.

  • Li-system is able to analyze 21 hydrolysis amino acids or 43 free amino acids without changing column and eluents.

  • Advanced temperature gradient plus traditional concentration gradient and pH gradient,is able to separate some amino acids which are difficult to be separated by traditional method.

  • Eluents consumption: cost 20%~30% of that of competitors’

  • Spare parts: no consumption.

  • Detector : LED light source with life o of more than 100,000 hours , no need to exchange of light source.

  • Built-in all-channel vacuum degasser, online degassing.

  • Ninhydrin and eluents are excluded of oxy gen by nitrogen. Pressured nitrogen protection

HT-1010 Flow Chart


AminoPro – system control software, special for amino acid analysis

  • 24 positions high precision professional data handling system, resolution 1μV,integral precision 0.05μV, amino acids word bank,double channel (570nm/440nm) merge, auto-identification of peaks and statistic function, data export.

  • 3-grades administration authority

  • Automatically recording 12 parameters of the system condition per second.

  • Remote control, automatically stop system due to emergency

  • To avoid clogging of tubing, aminoPro can automatically clean the system due to power off by accident.

  • Per requirement of the user, pre-set up a different program

  • Making different data report. Offering electronic signature.

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